I'm an Usui Ryoho Reiki Master, trained in Japanese and Western Reiki. Reiki is a highly effective energy treatment for relaxation, calming the central nervous system and boosting the immune system. It has many benefits at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, and inspires wisdom, insight and understanding that can literally transform your outlook and your life.


Reiki can be used to treat stress and anxiety, emotional and physical pain, injury, illness, trauma and personal concerns.


Reiki complements all types of medical treatments and does not compromise prescribed medication.


I can deliver the Reiki treatment either in person or over distance very effectively.


In-person Reiki: £125 – one hour

Distance Reiki: £100 – one hour

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I also practise relaxation massage, a western form of body tissue manipulation which promotes de-stressing.


The benefits of massage are many and deep, but this particular massage is intended to relieve emotional, mental and physical stresses, restore a sense of balance and reduce feelings of anxiety. In our post-COVID world, this will retune and reset the body and mind ready to face the challenges of daily life.


As well as pure relaxation massage, I offer a hybrid of Reiki and massage.


Relaxation massage: £125 – one hour

£175 – 90 minutes


Reiki massage: £125 – one hour

£175 – 90 minutes

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Hypnotherapy is a very powerful therapy, particularly because it not only affects the mind, but also the body. This dual action can produce rapid and lasting changes, and treat lifelong habits and addictions, and deep-rooted phobias.


I give hypnotherapy treatments for stress and anxiety reduction, smoking and drinking cessation, improved sleep, gaining confidence, overcoming phobia and stopping bad habits such as nail biting.


I deliver pure hypnotherapy sessions, but also combine it with Reiki.


Hypnotherapy session: £175 - 90 mins

Hypno-Reiki: £175 – 90 mins

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Additionally I offer packages of these treatments at a reduced cost per session. Please email me for details on these. 

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